Week 6

Twill is working on her distractions while other dogs are working. I am using her 'place' command on a mat to help her understanding while around distractions. I am careful to keep her under threshold to continue to work on her success and confidence of her job. I am also very careful to keep her 'accidental' introductions to other dogs limited to well mannered and socialized adults to keep her. I also spent these two weeks reviewing and refreshing the skills she's learned so far.  To see the beginning stages of 'Place' or it's also known as hot zone, hup it up, or bed games, take a look in the bonus section Bed Games

This body awareness exercise is all about using different objects and rewarding your puppy for walking across them. You can use different objects all all shapes, sizes and textures. Let them think about each step and reward thoughtful behavior. Have fun and don't step in the 'hot lava'!

More Crates Games with now adding the release, collar grab and drive back in. Our puppy needs some collar grab foundation so make sure you warm up with that first. We will then move to our release from the crate, collar grab and then let them drag us to get back to their crate.

Bed Games is a great skill for our puppy to have as it gives them a place they like to rest quietly and calmly. It can be put on a cue to send them there and wait for release or they can find it on their own and rest or chew a bone. The best part is how portable and transferable this skill is for them and us.

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